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cWind sailing regatta is a realistic 3D sailing simulation game developed for the iPhone™ / iPad™ / iPod Touch™ and Android™ tablets and phones.

It was developed for the sailor who cannot keep his mind off boats when at home, in the office or in the tube! With cWind, you'll have fun sailing fantastic boats in 3D in-shore regattas, right from the comfort of your phone and without even getting wet.

In this game, you will use the wind to move your boat fast and win regattas against other boats. You will be the skipper, the helm-man and will also trim the sails.

**** A highly realistic sailing simulator. ****
**** A MUST HAVE for sailing fans. ****
**** The best sailing game for mobiles. ****

The main features of this realistic sailing game are:
  • Online sailing: sail against real people!
  • Or play in 'solo' mode: you'll compete against the computer, with different difficulty levels.
  • A perfect way to refine your sailing techniques and tactics, or to learn how to sail in life-like situations.
  • For beginners, cWind can coach you from marker to marker, by means of steering helps and progressive tutorials.
  • A very complete instruments panel will give you all the data you'll need to brew a winning tactic and arrive first on the finish line. But if you find that's too much, you can switch back to the 'basics'.
  • Several boat types, from a 19th century cutter to the latest Imoca 60 footer. And now a new beach catamaran. The boats have their own characteristics and need to be sailed accordingly.
  • Several regatta courses, some easy to start with, others very difficult to complete. Some of the regattas are even more challenging than what you'll ever encounter on real water! So make sure you choose the right boat for those... and keep her well trimmed at all times!
  • The game implements the ISAF racing rules of sailing. Respect them or you'll be penalised, like in real regattas!
  • An on-screen radar will show you a tactical view of the course and will guide you from marker to marker.
  • Two game modes: pure regattas, or regattas "with a twist", where you will hunt for "magic things" on the course to capsize the other boats, steal their wind, give you a turbo boost, and more...

You will have to use the wind and tidal currents to your advantage. You will steer the boat by tilting your phone, and you will trim your sails yourself for maximum speed.

Fair Winds and Following Seas!

iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta
iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta

Stunning realism

cWind implements an extremely detailed physics engine: shifting winds and currents, boats' polar diagrams (specific to each boat type), drag coefficients, how well the sails are trimmed... All these parameters (and more) are fed into a highly sophisticated algorithm that calculates the speed of each boat, her drift and heeling angle... some 30 times a second! That's what it takes to deliver such a realistic experience and smooth handling.

Instruments panel

In the old days, all you needed had as instruments on board for an in-shore regatta was a wind vane at the top of the mast. Nowadays, the electronics are here to give you much more: instruments panels display real-time information on the boat and wind by means of simple and complex calculations. In cWind, these instruments are initially set up to only show you the "basics". But you can also have them show you complex data, such as true wind data, the VMG to the next mark, or the 'VMG wind'... very useful when sailing up wind or running to the next mark.


Laylines that are attuned to the type of boat you are sailing can be displayed on the radar or overlaid on the surface of the sea (or both). They indicate the area of minimum distance to the next mark, and will help you define the best time to tack to the next marker.

All this helps you refine your tactics and ensure victory.

iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta
iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta

ISAF racing rules of sailing

The ISAF racing rules of sailing that govern who, of two boats sailing close to each other, has the right of way are also assessed some 30 times a second. This ensures a proper arbitration of priorities... as well as a prompt delivery of penalties.

Challenging seas

Point taken, some of the regattas (especially the 'conveyer belt') are run against an unbelievably high current (8 knots current in 20 knots blows! Both against you, of course!!!). Not so realistic, huh! Well, you may never have (or will) encountered such conditions at sea, but who prevents you from venturing out for fun in such insane conditions, to learn how to fight your way through??? If you do though, make sure you choose the right boat! The cutter, the A35 or even the beach cat won't stand a chance in such seas.

iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta
iPad running cWind Sailing Regatta

'Solo' or 'Multi-player' action

In 'solo' mode, you will compete against several boats managed by the machine. For "beginners", the competition is pretty relaxed and you stand a fair chance to win. But switch the difficulty level to 'expert', and your synthetic opponents will start handling the helm and trimming the sails to the best of their ability. They may actually beat you flat and short! Or maybe not? Try them!

Game Center icon

And, in 'multi-player' mode you can compete against real people scattered around the world. So, got a minute? Invite your friends and show them who is the mightiest sailor of all! Or join in an impromptu regatta with overseas strangers...

Note: Multi-Player mode is not yet available on Android.

From beginner to seasoned sailor

The four first regatta courses in cWind (Tutorials 1~4) will progressively guide through the basics: the cWind interface (the wind vane, the radar, the instruments...), steering your boat, sailing up-wind, trimming your sails, and how to manage a tidal current that makes you drift and miss the start line.

And if you go terribly off course, a steering help will show up as an arrow behind your boat, pointing you to the proper direction.

If you already know how to sail (and by then, you will), the first four tutorials will be a walk in the park. You'll then be able to race in more interesting regattas, against a higher number of competitors and more challenging conditions. That's where you'll learn the importance of a good start, strong tactics, good observation skills, and to focus!


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Compatible with iPhone 3GS or later, iPod Touch 3G or later, and all iPad devices. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

cWind is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Compatible with most tablets and smartphones running under Android 2.3.3 or later.